Less code, more robots.

Alicorn is a Java and Javascript framework that makes writing code for robots fun and easy.

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A Powerful Platform With a Different Approach

Alicorn was made by roboticists for roboticists. We're creating a modern and fun platform that doesn't make you wait ten minutes every time you change a single line of code, doesn't have you write fifty lines of code just to make a motor spin and doesn't force you to install a gigabyte of dependencies before you can get started.

Write Quickly

Get started with just a few lines of code.

Reload Instantly

See code changes without restarting anything.

Run Anywhere

Execute your code everywhere Java runs.

Java Powered, Javascript Inspired

Alicorn is focused on productivity, letting you quickly write behaviors in Javascript and add entirely new features with Java. Better yet, any code written in one language is automatically accessible from the other language thanks to Alicorn's modular architecture.

Here are two different examples that makes an LED on an Arduino blink once every second:

var led = false;
var arduino = null;

    .create(function(me) {
        arduino = me.require("arduino");
    .update(function(me) {
        arduino.setDigitalOut(13, (led = !led));

package io.alicorn.shard.example;

import io.alicorn.api.shard.ElectronicShard;
import io.alicorn.api.shard.Shard;

public class Hello extends Shard {
    private boolean led = false;
    private ElectronicShard arduino = null;

    public void create(String[] args) throws Exception {
        arduino = require("Arduino");

    public void update() {
        arduino.setDigitalOut(13, (led = !led));
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